Radical Vaudeville

Wednesday, December 2nd - Final Show
Crazy Door

8:30PM Door with performances at the bar! / 9pm Show - The COW Theater
21 Clinton Street, NYC 10002 - MAP

And After This Radical Vaudeville Show There Will Be Another   More Information

8:30pm doors/9pm show
$12 or a roll of the dice
At The COW 21 Clinton Street, 10002
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Wednesday, December 2nd - Our final show until further notice.
The theme is DOORS. Closure, Opportunities and The Doors of Perception in between.

Radical Vaudeville

Hosted by Gabrielle St. Evensen*
Gabrielle St. Evensen

This show has booze and an intermission. Drink some or something like it.

We close this season of Radical Vaudeville with our all star cast (alphabetical by 1st name):
Faceboy - Often literary, always transgressive
Fritz Donnelly - Utter Chaos, in the best possible way
Jessica Delfino - Funny songs. She's famous.
SCIENTISTS (Brilliant Sketch) - Rich Templeton & Brad Stuart
Stuart & Dunn (Spot-on Improv) - Kathryn Dunn & Tayler Stuart

and our special guests booked for this show are:
David Deblinger "Lucky Penny" - One man show(s)... us
Dick Jones - Pre-gaming in the bar area and more!
Kate Hess (Aka SILKY SASHA) - Satirical Lyrical Flow
Lil Brooklyn - Trippy burlesque
Viva DeConcini "Electric Viva" - Rock AND Roll. Full
Special Surprise from seminal Surf Reality heroes:Velocity Chyaldd and also ZeroBoy!

It's Kris Anton's birthday on December 2nd, so wish him a happy birthday whenever you see him no matter when it is! And we will not be forcing him to work on his birthday, so Deniz "Zed" Akyruek will be running tech for us on our final show.

* Gab's photo by Adrian Buckmaster


Produced by Robert Prichard of Surf Reality.

Technical Director, Kris Anton
Technical Director for final show in December: Deniz Akyurek

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Kid Lucky Jessica Delfino Linda Hill Liam McEneaney Wrecking Ball Faceboy Aurelio Voltaire Fritz Donnelly Fritz Donnelly Jeremy X Darlinda SCIENTISTS Legs Malone Rich Templeton-Scientist Brad Stuart - Scientist Desert Sin Tessa Lena of Tessa Makes Love Wrecking Ball Midnight Radio Show Velocity Chyaldd Poison Eve Fritz Donnelly ZeroBoy Jessica Delfino Faceboy Wrecking Ball-Kathryn Dunn and Destiny Rivera Ereka Duncan Jackson Sturkey Nicole Blackman Sabrina Chap Rob Paravonian Faceboy Rich Templeton of SCIENTISTS Brad Stuart of SCIENTISTS Glace Chase Rich Templeton/Scientists Brad Stuart/Scientists Destiny Rivera/Wrecking Ball Kathryn Dunn/Wrecking Ball Oliver Baer Guncle! Dee Dee Vega Juliet Jeske Terrey (Kid Lucky) Lewis Venus Pain Scooter Pie BoomBoom Mittens Gabrielle St. Evensen Faceboy Velocity Chyaldd Scientists! Jessica Delfino Wrecking Ball - Kathryn Dunn & Destiny Rivera Faceboy The Rev (Roger Hammer) of the Unholy Sideshow Jess Wood Gabrielle St. Evensen Surf Reality Fritz Donnelly